Kayla Mildren

It was such an honor and treat to photoshoot Kayla Mildren! This kind and precious heart is on a mission to make much of Jesus's name! In fact, she's about to go on an extended missions trip to Mexico. In my conversations with her, Kayla's heart for missions first began in high school when she had the chance to go on her first trip to Jamaica. It was her first time traveling abroad, her first time traveling alone and basically her first time volunteering. One can only imagine, when she came home, her heart was broken. If you've been on a missions trip, you too may understand the experience of firsthand poverty and the surrounding hurt. This brokenness sprouted opportunity and passion, and took Kayla on a journey of continual travel and serving abroad to make any difference she could. As Kayla leaned into what the Lord has been calling her towards, over the next few years, she continued to travel on long-term missions trips and her heartbeat to serve others only grew. 

Last September Kayla attended a Discipleship Training School with YWAM. I was there for her going away party and to see this young woman's zeal and testimony be for those she's never met, inspired me. It was evident that she had the passion to serve, but if you know anything about Kayla, she's humble and always desiring to draw nearer to God's calling over her life. She'd tell you that she needed to learn more about Jesus, and what her relationship with Him really meant as a disciple.

While at DTS, God taught me so much throughout my school, about how much he desires a deep relationship with me, what he created me for, how fun evangelism can be and what it means to love and serve his kingdom. I finished this school feeling on fire to serve Gods kingdom and now I have the opportunity to serve in full time missions with YWAM in Mexico.
— Kayla Mildren

If you have the opportunity to see or encourage Kayla in any way, rally behind her and support her. I'm excited for her and I know she's excited too. It came out just in how she expressed the journey God has her on and how though Kayla enjoys her hometown, how she couldn't wait to serve and love His people in Mexico.

I’m ready to be a part of the local community, to love each person he places in front of me and to be a vessel for his kingdom.
— Kayla Mildren

I would love for you to join Kayla in the laughs, tears, prayers and triumphs that God has in store for her in these next two years in Mexico. Let’s further God's kingdom together! One way you can do that is by giving time in prayer. Pray for protection, encouragement, friends, peace, joy, discipline, faithfulness, etc. Another way you can partner with Kayla is by just remembering her and sending her notes and Facebook messages. I'm sure I'll be joining in. And for those who have the capacity to give financially, remember that you're sowing into the Kingdom of God and that the return on investment is more than our money can travel. Your investment impacts hearts and minds and souls. Be a part of the mission. 

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