Lily Jo Ayres

"How do I start this? Where do I start? When did I start ministry? When did I realize full time ministry was a calling on my life? I honestly don’t know how to start this, but I know that God loves me so much that I want to share that with others."

A friend to so many. A humble soul of encouragement. A shining light within her circles. Lily Jo Ayres has always had a heart for others; has always desired to be in ministry. When she was a child she helped in Sunday school. When Lily Jo was a teenager, she started working at Camp Berachah counseling children and absolutely loved it. When she graduated high school, she joined YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and her heart's bent grew more for people; for the broken hearted. In my conversations with Lily Jo, she kept bringing up her life mission statement, “Loving God and Loving People”. In my experience and I'm sure in Lily Jo's, it’s amazing what unconditional love can do to a person; all you need is a taste. During our photo shoot full of laughs and the chill morning dew, our discussions brought up how we've seen people completely change because of God’s unconditional love; we've seen our own lives change drastically due to God's unconditional love. In Lily Jo's travels, she's seen young men and woman from all over the world be inspired by the unconditional love that the Lord gives. Lily Jo has been blessed to travel to numerous places within South East Asia to show God’s love in many ways - feeding the poor, playing with children or encouraging souls with the Gospel.

I mentioned that Lily Jo is a humble soul and she always drew our conversation back to a simple point - though her life mission statement is an ambitious one, she reminds herself that she couldn't have done any of this on her own. "I’m not a good person by any means, but God has done good things through me." This soul now has embarked on a journey to Los Angeles, CA to lead youth in their discovery of the Lord and their desire to reach a city. This is a program through YWAM and I truly am excited to see Lily Jo be in her element and continue to be a joy to so many. As she spends her summer down in LA with these youth, if you desire to financially support her in any way, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to:

  2. Type in Lily Jo Ayres in the special request box

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, this young woman brings an energy about her that is undeniable. If you ever have the honor of meeting her, take a brief moment and hear her story. It's a bold, endearing, selfless story of grace, truth, and love.