Molly Meeks

When I first met Molly Meeks, I was impacted by her welcoming laughs, big smile, and generosity towards those around her. This young woman is all about supporting others and giving back. As a recent graduate, she's always known what she's wanted to do as a young girl - use her big personality to make a big impact. If you have spent any amount of time with my friend, you'll come to learn that she loves to love on people. "It always makes my day knowing that someone is feeling loved and that they are being noticed." This bent, has grown her heart for the youth in this world, both domestic and abroad. In one of our many conversations, Molly referenced being a teen and if anyone can relate, there were many struggles and many obstacles - loneliness, jealousy, depression, desire for approval, etc. The uplifting thing about Molly though is that instead of letting the teenage phase of life drag her down, in the trials, she realized how much she was being pursued. This type of pursuit was one of true love with every second, every heartbeat, every tear. This love was fighting for her gaze for decades. This love is Jesus and once she started to understand more about His love and pursuit, her life started to change in ways she never expected. "I started to see the world through His perspective. My dreams changed, my desires changed, my life changed and I am living more abundantly and fuller than ever before."

Though Molly never thought she would be here today, she's expressed to me that her old life was laid down and her new life was given to her by Jesus Christ! She has found herself out of depression, serving in a church that she loves, becoming a behavioral intention specialist, doing life with solid friends, and so much more! 

"I have the honor to walk on this Earth, spreading the truth of the Lord and displaying His kingdom through my actions. I am living a life worth living."

Anthony Smith