Michaela Cortes

If you haven't already, you should meet my friend Michaela! I saw quickly that she is all about quality conversations. In the midst of our many conversations, I discovered that she enjoys creating floral arraignments, styling others' hair to make them feel beautiful, adventuring the PNW and trying her best to represent Jesus well. She leads with conviction at Young Life in Maple Valley and volunteers at her church. Michaela laughs with soul and though you may find her constantly twirling her hair, she's one of thoughtful inspirations and careful insights. Her simple life is all about being silly, hanging out at coffee shops and blogging/writing that bring her joy!

Speaking of a blog, Michaela's blog is fun! It's a blog about things she's passionate about, things she struggles with and things she hopes to encourage others with. This humble young lady started it because writing is a way she processes things and a way the Lord and her work out the details of life. "I do it in hopes to encourage others in truth and hope and to bring people in on my journey..." says Michaela. Though she may not write often, she writes with passionate patience for the things to come and the hope of things unseen. But don't take my or her word for it - go check it out yourself! May you be blessed by it!