Lauren Bakker

Her name is Lauren Bakker, and her heart is for the broken.

From a young age, everywhere she looked she saw people who needed to be loved and accepted. In my conversations with Lauren, she shared that even she fell into that category for a long time, and didn’t understand what to do with it — "until I found a true relationship with Jesus."

It wasn’t until Lauren experienced His complete grace and desire for her heart that she began to understand the emptiness that she had felt for so long before. With thoughtful commitment, I remember Lauren saying, "He fought for me. He won my heart. He fought my anger, depression, anxieties, guilt, and past choices in order to remind me of my purpose." In later conversations with Lauren, I found out that that empowerment gave her the chance to understand the people in her life that felt the same way as she had, and to give them a glimpse of the true love that she receives everyday.

"His love for me inspired my love for others, and because of this I began a journey of following His peace. Before Him, I lived in a life so full of chaos that now that I believe in the Father, I choose to live a life with Him in it, and I know that by His peace. Without this, I wouldn’t be where I am now."

Currently, you'll find Lauren changing the world - studying to gain a counseling psychology degree to work with broken people coming out of human trafficking. Human trafficking is one of the most rapidly growing criminal acts in the US, especially in the Seattle area. While this isn’t something that she would have chosen to do on her own, this area is where Lauren's peace resides. "God already resolved my previous faults, so what better than to share that with others who have felt those same feelings?" Lauren Bakker, who's heart is for the broken, is a force that cannot be ignored. Whether it's the red hair, the chill attitude, or the humble spirit, Lauren Bakker is someone you must meet! As she continues to move forward and sees where God leads her, let's rally and encourage this young lady!! Let's be about that action boss!

It isn’t enough to talk about peace, one must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.
— Eleanor Roosevelt