Ariana Ramirez

My time spent with Ariana has led me to conclude that she’s fascinated by communication in all its forms! Rhythm, movement, dance, language, and, perhaps the most important, listening. As her life unfolds, she has found that hearing people’s stories are quintessential. There’s peace, revelation, and restoration in sharing experiences with another human being. Ariana is certain about two things in her life: there will always be uncertainties, but Jesus is certain.

  1.   Change is inevitable.
  2.   There is poetry in everything.

What I have come to learn about Ariana in our time together is that there’s little that isn’t worth empathy or consideration. Ariana loves exercise: exercising her body, exercising her right to vote, exercising patience. She considers education to be the most important antidote to the cruelties of the world; she wants to be a propagator of critical thinking, of compassion, of extrinsic conscientiousness, and of learning. Others pronounce it “teacher”.

One of the valuable things I was inspired by was that to Ariana, there was joy. As she roots for the underdog, engages herself in inspirational stories, and would wear dresses daily if the Seattle weather wasn't so crazy, Ariana is just like you and just like me. She's a person with a name and a story and desires to be heard. She'd call herself a "hopeless romantic" even, but I'd call her an advocate of many!