Alyssa Stallings

I've known Alyssa for many months now, so in honor of that, here's her genuine and insightful story:

It never ceases to amaze me that Alyssa is all about being uncomfortable. Though you may be thinking that's a weird way to intro someone, but a year or two ago she heard a quote about comfort zones; it changed her mentality of how she conducts her life, even in the Whole 30 challenge she's recently committed to.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
— Alyssa Stallings

Alyssa considers herself as a "planner." With that is SO many perks and positives. I remember her saying, "I almost always have a plan of action, I know what I'm doing 95% of the time (or I at least act like it), and in my ideal world I schedule everything to get done by its deadline, early if possible, and I have a plan A, B, C, D.....through Z. It's awesome. I love being a planner over a free spirit everyday."

If you're a planner type, like us, it keeps one organized in the myriad of life events. And has my conversation with her progressed, Alyssa admitted that she was limiting myself - to a point where she was putting so much pressure on herself to perform at such a high level that she wouldn't "have time" to have fun. She found her fulfillment in her comfort zone - a calendar. "I didn't even realize I was living strictly in my comfort zone of my schedule," Alyssa said during our shoot. Once she heard that simple, almost too simple quote above, it rocked her world.

God started gracefully revealing areas of her life that she needed to plan a little less in, to then feel the freedom that comes with being uncomfortable. She started surrounding herself with people that were the opposite of her, non-planners. "That's been fun. Seriously it has! Having friends that can grow you in ways you can't on your own is one of the biggest blessings in my life. I started exposing myself to all types of people, serving and doing different types of volunteer work I thought I would never do, discovering what it means to find fulfillment in things other than a schedule."

That's when Alyssa started to discover who she really was and is. If you spend any time with this young talented woman, you'd discover that she's not just a person with a schedule, but a sold out follower of Christ who simply wants to see His Will done in her life. For her that means, having the privilege to take time for others, be a light in the lives of others, and always be intentional in growing herself through being comfortable with the uncomfortable. I leave you with the best moment of the day, when Alyssa shared this with me:

Life isn’t perfect. People are not perfect. But Christ is. And all we can do is try our utmost hardest to love God and love others. I think that’s where we all find true fulfillment of life.
— Alyssa Stallings