Jillian Horton

Jillian is an inspiration to many and what's unique about her is that she's choosing to go travel, but not in the way you may think. She just found out this month that she got accepted to YWAMDP. I remember having a conversation with her and she told me that she's never been so scared or excited in her life for the plans God has for her. Though to her everything may seem out of her control and scary, she has rested in the fact that God will bring her through this season.

Jillian first got interested in YWAM last summer when a group of students and staff took a road trip up the west coast stopping at various churches to share about their school. Her church happened to be one of their stops and God heavily put their school on her heart. And sure enough as this last summer came around, she went on a mission trip to San Diego and God inspired her heart with the need to become a part of missions, something she never thought she'd want. Here is Jillian, choosing to stand in the gap of trust and obedience and with confidence, let's watch Jillian follow her Lord Jesus and lead those to a hope yet to be known.