Soul Breathing Photography

I capture a fresh perspective on life's special adventures

For moments that go skin deep

Soul Breathing Photography helps you capture moments that imprint forever on your soul, transforming them into portals to your personal story.

I wanted to move people with Soul Breathing Photography. Dance, art, and photography are all mediums that can do this. Pictures tell a story, they move you through a journey. On the journey of life there are moments that make us take a minute, take a breath, breath in and out. Everyone has moments that take their breath away, moments that make them pause and for a minute forget to breath, and with Soul Breathing Photography I want to capture those moments and turn them into experiences. 

Each time you see a Soul Breathing photo I want people to relive that moment, the moment they took a breath, and experience it again. Life is a journey made up of moments that take our breath away, big and small, these moments should be experienced, remembered and celebrated as a part of a larger journey. Let us capture the moments where you hold your breath in for a second and turn those into experiences.

Making moments count

Focused offerings for your favorite occasions

I weave a more authentic tale, capture the idiosyncratic characteristics of your unique identity, and elevate lived moments into sacred experiences. My photography is the medium. Your story is the stage.

Portfolio Preview

Take a peek at my collected experiences so far...

These are the images I'm most proud of. But they’re also an intimate look into the stories I’ve been privileged to observe.