For moments that go skin deep

Inhale, exhale. In the space of your breath, a precious moment has passed. Let Soul Breathing Photography capture each one.

My journey began with a Costco camera in London. I was going on a great adventure and wished to capture all the moments and experiences that were open to me. I came back with 3,000+ photos which I quickly shared with my friends and family enthusiastically, wishing them to come along with me on my adventure through London. Moment by moment, photo by photo, breath by breath. After my trip I slowly began taking photos of friends, trying to capture the experience of who they were in the moment.

I have reshaped my understanding of life through my lens, how moments are experienced and captured. Graduation, marriage, the first child; all of these big moments that take your breath away. Often people forget the other breaths we take, the daily moments that make us hold our breath. A family dinner, a homecoming dance, the first time someone has your mom’s homemade apple pie. All of these can get lost, I want to help people hold on to all these moments and more. Remind them how each experience felt and appreciate the time and space they were in for what it was, a perfectly unique and special moment.

I recently had the pleasure of marrying the love of my life, Madison is everything I could have wished for and more. She inspires me daily and I am constantly forgetting to breath out as she has always stunned me with her determination, kindness, and beauty.

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